The Dungeon Delving Deck

Take your 5e game anywhere and help prisoners find heroes.

Preview of Card Faces with Dice Numbers

The Dungeon Delving Deck provides an amazing amount of help running 5e games:

  • A regular card deck (Ace-King and Joker for each Suit)
  • provides dice rolls for d4, d6, d8, d10, d12 and d20
  • geomorphs for designing your own dungeon
  • spell and conditions reference for 5e

But buying The Dungeon Delving Deck helps others too…

Prisoners Need Heroes
Roleplaying can be a great way to explore problem-solving, ethical behavior and heroic expectations. That means it can be an important part of the rehabilitation process for prisoners. But playing in prison can be tough… dice are usually forbidden so other randomizers have to be used. A regular deck of playing cards can be used, but has some limitations when you’re trying to generate all the numbers needed for most RPGs.

So I started thinking about this, and realized that a custom deck of cards could really help… it could have many different results (one for each die type) so that the utility of each card would be greater. I could even put on the standard card suits for most of the cards (when you’re using the cards for die rolls, whenever you get a Joker, reshuffle the discards into the draw).

But what else could go there?
What about references… information is hard to come across in prison, so why not a reference for some of the most commonly used spells for some of the most common classes? There’s a few spare cards at the end, so we had room for conditions as well. Providing those increases the utility of the cards.

Preview of Card Faces with Conditions

What about the backs?
I thought that a great idea for the backs would be dungeon geomorphs… i.e tiles that you can fit together to make dungeon layouts. For the dice cards, it’s important that you can’t tell what the face of the card is by the back (for example, if you’re using the cards to play a regular game of poker). So each card has one of two layouts and they’re distributed in a random way so that you can’t tell anything about the card values by seeing which back a particular card has. But the cards that don’t have dice can be special. So they’re an assortment of ‘point of interest’ tiles that you can use in the dungeon layout.

Preview of Dungeon Geomorph Layout

Hmmm… what about folks who aren’t in prison?
Yeah. So once I figured out all the things I could do with the cards they seemed pretty neat. Maybe something that folks would want to use in home games, or as a planning tool. I even realized that if you made the size right, you could use building blocks as character/monster tokens:

Using 1x1 building blocks as tokens

So I decided to open things up for everyone. And I also decided that by doing that, it might help out my plans to get these decks to prisoners.

BUY THE DUNGEON DELVING DECK HERE (this will be a link to DriveThru)

When you do, a portion of the proceeds will go to producing Decks to be donated to prisons across the United States.

A big dungeon using lots of cards