The Crypt of the Bloodbat

Dare the Utter Darkness of the Crypt in order to find an amazing treasure. But it is what you do not see that may kill you.

Sample Pages from The Crypt of the Bloodbat

A short adventure for characters of 3rd level, with customization options for higher or lower level PCs. In addition to an interactive DM’s map, there’s a player’s map of the Crypt and five new monsters, including the eponymous Bloodbats. There’s also rules for teams — two monsters working together — and the Mourning Staff, a magic item that’s usable immediately but grows more powerful when you attune to it!

The Crypt of the Bloodbat is an interactive PDF, with features that not only allow you to disable the background for efficient home printing but also allow you to change the configuration of the crypt with the click of a mouse button!

This is our first title for the DM’s Guild. Find it here!